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This Teslaros 3 Rolling Coal Rolling in San Diego

The last week, I was looking at the This Tesla Model 3 roll out and to be honest with you, I have not even heard the motor run. In fact, when I went to take a look at it, I tried to turn the key and it made an awful noise. So, I am assuming that they built the motor with some of that battery packs after the Model S?

There is something about the Model S that makes me nervous and besides the slow speed, I am really confused by the whole thing. I really want to believe that they did not put that kind of effort in the Model 3 because it just does not make sense to me. In the past, I have driven other cars like a Honda and a Lotus and they felt much more comfortable. The This Teslas loudness while acceleration is very loud and it seems as though it is getting louder. That is not a car that I want to be in at night time or in the early morning.

When I got into the parking lot, I tried to accelerate and turn the key but the thing did not want to start. It sounded like it was going to start but then quiet. I really want to believe that they put a lot of money into the sound system for the Model S. If the sound is that loud, you cannot hear the key turn when you are trying to get into the car and you have to slam on the brakes in order to bring it to a stop.

The front bumper, headlight, tailgate, and all of the trim components do not match the rest of the car. The best way to describe it is like somebody has poured a concrete mix and spread it all over the inside of the car. It is just really bad quality. The best they could do is put a fiberglass top on it and call it a model S.

When I got out of the car with my wife and daughter, I told her that it sounded like something was wrong with the vehicle but she did not want to go looking because she knew that it sounded like a Tesla rolling along the highway. We ended up going to another store that sells Teslas and I found the body shop that I need to go to because they only take model S’s in the state of California. Now, they do have other models in other states but they only take the California cars.

The next day, I went to drive the This Teslaros 3 Rolling Coal in San Diego State. When I pulled it over, I could not believe that the car had no running boards at all. I asked the guy that worked on it, but he told me that they do not put running boards on until after the car is delivered. So, I guess that means that they roll the entire thing in advance. I do not know if it would have been better or worse but it sure does make me feel extra comfortable driving that This Teslaro 3 Rolling Coal in San Diego.

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