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The Tesla Model S Plaid Car Bodywork

The Tesla Model S has received a lot of attention since it was first introduced to the public. One question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the car’s reveal is whether or not the vehicle’s bodywork can handle the speed of the vehicle. It’s been said that the car’s bodywork is made out of an aluminum alloy, which is going to be affected by the speed of the vehicle, but what are the facts? That’s what we’re here to find out in this review!

Tesla Model S Plaid 70 MPH Highway Range Test

It may seem strange to look at a vehicle’s bodywork and its ability to maintain its speed when you’re told that the automobile can only manage to do that much, but this isn’t really so. The bodywork of a vehicle is formed around its engine and the suspension, as well as any number of other parts, to help the vehicle accelerate and perform to its best potential. When you take a look at the car, and indeed look at its entire body, you’ll see that the bodywork helps to create the impression of a much larger, bulkier vehicle than it actually is. This is thanks to the small, rear mounted engine in the Model S, combined with the use of a battery pack and motor, both of which help to increase the size of the car without having to make sacrifices elsewhere.

For a car to achieve its maximum speed, all of those components need to work in unison, and this means that the bodywork also has a role to play. Testing a car at a Tesla showroom will let you look at the car and see if it matches up to its performance claims. By testing the car at various different speeds, you can find out just how the Model S performs, and in doing so, you can gain an understanding of why the company has set out to develop the car with an increased acceleration factor.

A Model S with an accelerated acceleration factor of 5.1 mph will be particularly noticeable when driving at higher speeds. However, even the slightest increase in speed could cause the car to break down, as the engine requires more power to accelerate. As such, a trip from a city to the countryside should not put you off. Instead, you should enjoy the experience and increase the speed at which you drive to increase the fun.

The style of the Model S bodywork also has a part to play. While you might be drawn to the traditional red and black colours of a Bugatti Veyron, you’ll find that the S model has adopted a different style, one that borrows from both the traditional and modern looks of the automobile. With large windows on the top of the car, and a streamlined bodywork, the Model S works to give the impression of a smaller vehicle, allowing you to easily appreciate just how sleek the automobile really is.

The Model S also features some aerodynamic aids, taking advantage of the fact that cars are naturally less aerodynamic as they are larger. This means that a streamlined body and a streamlined engine can help to reduce the drag that is created. A low drag airbag is also fitted to the vehicle. This will protect the driver and passengers from injury in the event of an accident. If you’re unfamiliar with the Model S, there are plenty of guides available for your convenience. Having read our comprehensive review, you should now be able to decide if the Model S is for you!

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