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Mike Flewitt Steps Down As McLaren CEO, Brand Is Searching For Successor

Mike Flewitt Steps Down As McLaren CEO

Mike Flewitt Steps Down As McLaren CEO, Brand Is Searching For Successor

After a decade of guiding the company, Mike Flewitt has decided to step down as the chief executive officer of McLaren Automotive. His departure was unexpected and comes at a time when the company is facing an uncertain future. During his time as CEO, McLaren launched an explosive growth in the production of supercars and SUVs, but the decision to split up the company’s product lines into two distinct categories – supercars and SUVs – came under fire.

After eight years at McLaren, Mike Flewitt resigned. The company is now looking for a successor to lead the technical side of the company. Its board has already begun the search for a new CEO. The CEO will continue to oversee the company’s manufacturing and sales operations. It will also oversee the company’s public relations and marketing functions. Further, McLaren Automotive Ltd. chairman, Paul Walsh, will oversee the group’s marketing and public relations.

After eight years as CEO, Mike Flewitt stepped down as chairman and chief operating officer. He is leaving the company as it seeks to reinvent itself. The company will now be led by Michael Macht, who previously served as the managing director of McLaren. During his tenure, Flewitt pushed through the creation of hybrid supercars such as the MP4-12C and 570S. He also helped expand McLaren’s operations in Asia.

After eight years as CEO, Flewitt is stepping down as the McLaren Group’s CEO. His successor will be selected immediately and the company will begin the search for a successor. The succession search has started for a replacement. However, no successor has been announced yet. He has not disclosed his future plans. The decision to step down will not be easy. So, McLaren will need to find a new leader.

The company has gone through many changes since Flewitt joined the company as chief operating officer in 2012. He expanded the company’s model range, including the Senna and Mclaren GT. After Covid’s acquisition, he was promoted to CEO in July 2013. A year later, he was named chief executive officer. This appointment made it possible for McLaren to attract a lot of investment.

While he helped McLaren enter new markets and gain a wider customer base, Flewitt’s departure is a major change for the company. He spent almost a decade at McLaren, and he grew the company’s product line. He became CEO in July 2013 after joining as COO in June 2012. This shift meant that the CEO would no longer have direct responsibility for the company’s marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

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