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Mike Flewitt is no longer with the Formula One team. He is now the president of the British brand K-Swiss Arnolds. How he decides to market the company though, remains to be seen. He joins a company that is at least in part determined to ride out any and all problems that the public has with its public image. So far, this strategy seems to be working for them though.

Mike Flewitt Steps Down As McLaren CEO

K-Swiss Arnolds have invested heavily in marketing in the past couple of years. They have done this through the media and on the World Web. In fact, they have spent millions on a campaign that cleverly promoted a new line of watches called the Flewitt Street Watch. The brand still intends to capitalise on the success of their last major release, the Flexwatch. The problem though is that the world is not convinced that the watches are still of the highest quality. And the question of whether or not the company is investing in enough of its own assets to support their brand name, remains one of the greatest unanswered questions of our time.

A few months ago I wrote an article in which I explained how some of the major fashion houses had lost the public’s trust in them. This mainly took the form of a dislike for some of their clothes, particularly their clothing for children. In addition, their other clothes were also flawed in some way. But their latest release, the brand’s first electronic watch, has managed to win the hearts of many.

The problem that most of us face when we decide to invest in a brand is that we don’t know what we should be looking for. We may be attracted to a new brand but what do we look for in a watch? Are we looking for something that is durable, stylish and comfortable? Or are we more worried about whether or not a company will make the same mistakes over again, by getting another poor quality watch? It is something that only you can answer but if you have read my articles before, you should now have a better idea of what to look for.

Fisher pays attention to detail. Although its watches are made in Switzerland, they are made using only the very best materials, a technique that ensures that the company can claim to offer some of the finest watches on the market. You will notice this attention to detail in every detail of the Fisher Proportional watches, which are available in a range of colours.

The build quality of these watches is another area where Fisher has got it right. Although they are not overly expensive, they are built to last. The construction is impressive and you can sense the painstaking efforts that went into making them. They are shock resistant and water resistant and, in general, will survive anything that Mother Nature can throw at them. With that in mind, you should definitely consider a Fisher Proportional watch.

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