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2022 Mercedes AMG SL Final Teaser Hypes Up October 28 Reveal

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL final teaser has everyone’s attention and is the latest sign of the car’s arrival. As expected, the convertible version of the car will carry the Mercedes-AMG nameplate exclusively. While we’re still unsure of the SL’s appearance, we do know that it will come with an all-new interior, which is similar to the S-Class. The sweeping rear spoiler can be electrically adjusted, while the cabin’s two-seat layout is the same as that of the S-Class.

2022 Mercedes AMG SL Final Teaser Hypes Up October 28 Reveal

The latest SL will be unlike any previous model. The company claims the new car was developed from the ground up to meet the company’s safety standards. Unlike the outgoing SL, the new SL will feature all-wheel-drive and a 48V mild hybrid system. This will be the first Benz SL to feature all-wheel drive.

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL’s exterior design is a stark contrast to the outgoing model. The sedan’s hood is a streamlined silhouette, with an aggressive grille and a wide rear window. The rear end sports a sculpted ‘G-Tronic’ design. The car is also said to be the first SL to feature all-wheel-drive. However, the company hasn’t revealed any details regarding its powertrains, despite speculations about its GT Roadster predecessor.

Lastly, the 2022 Mercedes AMG SL will have all-wheel-drive, and a twin-turbo V8 engine. The car is expected to come with all-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual transmission. The interior is trimmed in Nappa leather with microfiber accents, and the new AMG SL will feature a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL will likely be electrified. The top-tier 4-Door Coupe will have 831 hp and 1,033 lb-ft of torque (1,400 Nm). The AMG GT 63 S E Performance will have a charging port in the rear bumper, which will likely be electric. The new SL is also expected to have an EV-only version.

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL has been the subject of constant rumours for some time. One of the most popular rumors is the electric version. It could have a plug-in hybrid or a battery-electric system. While this has not been confirmed, it will be the first EV from the AMG brand. The car is expected to come with a lower center of gravity, a reduced overall weight, and a lower center of gravity.

The 2020 Mercedes AMG SL will also be a hybrid. This means that it will be exclusively wearing the Mercedes-AMG nameplate. The original SL Roadster was only available in dealer stock in Australia. The AMG GT C Roadster has been discontinued in Australia, and the AMG SL has since been renamed the AMG GT C.

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